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Some Of The Sites On Crete Not Described In Tourist Brochures Or Advertising Campaigns!


"One of the great paradoxes of history is that the next hesitant advance of European civilization - the development of the first city-states - took place not on the fertile open central European plains, but in a remote island to the south of the Aegean Sea which was completely lacking in metal resources.

While the glittering mounted warrior-princes of central Europe dissipated their creative energy in war fare, a highly cultured yet peaceful society, built on trade and an agricultural surplus, emerged on Crete. "On Cretan soil were hatched and developed features of Civilization which marked the history of mankind. At the same time the island paid a heavy price because of its strategic position and was repeatedly invaded and periodically conquered, which contributed to the destruction of the existing civilization, the lowering of living standards and the subsequent misery of the inhabitants.

However, through successive restructuring new forms of social coexistence were forged, new intellectual values arose and new material and cultural creations appeared which left their indelible mark on Crete and the historical role of the Cretans. Certainly the memory of the remote and glorious past, the Minoan period, survived in the ancient world by means of Greek mythology. Mythology, however, cannot be considered an adequate substitute for historical reality. Due to the successful efforts of Greek and foreign archaeologists, historians and linguists who have brought and are bringing to light the material artifacts of Minoan Civilization, the Cretan past has been significantly illuminated. Moreover, during recent times archaeological excavations and historical research have been extended into more modern periods, revealing the physiognomy of Crete in its entirety.

Nevertheless, the distant past of mankind on the island during those periods from which there is no written information (Neolithic) or those periods from which written testimony (hieroglyphics, Linear A) has been found but not yet deciphered, continues to keep its secrets and continually challenges the experts."

Last Minute Rescue
Tüte's Story

This cute little female puppy was found more dead than alive by a German resident of Chania/Crete close to a bridge that leads to a wild beach. Somebody had deliberately put the little dog alive into a plastic bag and tied it up to let her suffocate in the heat of this summer day. Rescue came literally at the last minute.

"Tüte" (German for bag) as he named her because of her fate, was prepared for travel to Germany and sent to a foster home close to Munich. She was the highlight of the annual gathering of former Cretan dogs and their new owners in this area and only a few days later she was adopted by a wonderful Bavarian family who had met her at the reunion of lucky Greek dogs!.

She has a four-legged companion called Freddy, another rescue from Crete, and a large garden in which to run and play whenever they want to. In the night, however, she shares the bed with her beloved little mistress.

The complete story of Tüte's rescue and adoption (in German only) can be read at

All people involved in Tüte's and Freddy's rescue were German animal activists; most of them members of Arche Noah Kreta e. V. Germany.

Sissi Was Rescued By A German Couple Vacationing In Southern Crete.

here was a fair in a coastal village and all the locals came down from the surrounding moun- tains. After the fair was over and everybody had gone, this beautiful female Collie was still sitting besides the road, obviously waiting patiently to be picked up again by her master... But nobody came and so she did not move from there for a week. She would have starved to death if it wasn't for these caring German people.

They secured the little abandoned dog's confidence and fed her. They named her Sissi; vaccinated and microchipped her in order to take her with them to Germany. They contacted Arche Noah Kreta in Germany www.archenoah-kreta.com for assistance. Sissi was picked up at the airport by Regina Schmid who is presently her foster mum. There is no doubt that the perfect home will be found for this gentle little "lady.

A Child's

In May 2002, a little Albanian girl, who lived in Chania close to our home, brought to us a cute black puppy that she had found abandoned on the beach. Her father did not allow her to keep it. The Albanian family already fed some stray cats and their Greek neighbours threatened them every day saying that they would poison the "filthy vermin".

The child, in tears, literally begged me to send the puppy to Germany "where it will not be killed and where people treat the animals much better than in Greece". Even at such a tender age she knew what is wrong with this country of Greece! I promised her I would and I did. Thank God, Lena, the little puppy, now lives with Ina in Andernach, Germany. Regina Schmid - Germany.

Each and everyone of the animals in Greece who have survived rampant neglect or died at the hands of brutal abuse, deserve a Gold Medal for courage and bravery.

It Was Determined By The Vet
That This Little Dog W
"Shot & Then Set On Fire"!

Sadly, A Common
Occurrence in Greece

A story excerpt from the incredible Germ- an organization, Arche Noah, which for years created miracles on the island of Crete) Harrassed and villifed, threatened and sued by the local authorities and islanders, Arche Noah has retreated for a time. WAG is hoping that Arche Noah will once again bring vet- erinary care, comp- assion and solace to the abused and neglected animals of Crete.)

Sabienne, as our vet called her, was found by German tourists on the Greek island of Crete and brought to Noah's Ark shelter in Chania, more dead than alive. She had an unbelievably terrible wound on her neck. All the skin and muscle were destroyed and she was not able to move or use her left front leg. Our vet Ines immediately put her under anaesthesia, not knowing in the beginning if she could save her.

The examination revealed that somebody had tried to burn this little dog alive, after pumping her full of bullets. This picture, taken after the debridement indicates how terribly deep the wound was. After cleansing the wound and during reconstruction of the torn muscles, Ines found and removed 36 pellets (small bullets) from her body. The wound was closed and drains were inserted to prevent hematoma and infection. She is now a healthy and happy dog living with a loving family in Germany. {This barbaric act of agression is not a rare occurrence in Greece.}

Sabienne the Miracle Dog Today Click Here

"The Puppies From The Olive Grove"

These pups were abandoned in a card- board box and left to die in the sweltering heat in an old olive grove in Crete.

They were dehydrated and starving when they were found by a German couple living in Chania. Because of their brownish-grey appearance and the dirt that covered them, they were named:

Homa (earth), Skoni (dust), Laspi (clay) and Amos (sand). Laspi was the weakest and terribly bow-legged because of a lack of calcium. And here they are after a few weeks of intense loving care and plenty of good food! And still we continue to be accused of "dog trafficking" by idiots and morons with nothing else to do!

The Dogs Are Now Living In A Loving Home In Germany.
Regina Schmid - Germany

Rescue Of Little Lili

Lilli was rescued by animal friendly German tourists on the southern coast of the island of Crete. The two month old tiny hunting mix had been abandoned and left for dead as are most puppies and kittens in Greece.

The German tourists managed to rescue Lilli and bring her to a local vet. Lilli was vaccinated, treated for parasites and fleas and microchipped. She was all set for a trip to Germany and a secure, peaceful life. They contacted Regina Schmid, an animal welfare activist with Arche Noah Kreta, Germany www.archenoah-kreta.com to ensure that Lilli was picked-up at the airport in Germany and adopted to a loving foster family. Lilli was suffering from a severe pulmonary infection (undetected by the vet) and extremely ill. Because of the pups precarious situation, Regina decided to keep her until she was fully recovered.

Lilly fought the infection but sadly suffers from pulmonary edema and is undergoing diagnostic tests. Her appetite is good; she is playful and obediently takes her daily medicine. Little Lilly, shares the love and affection of Regina and her husband Hans with their own animals - nine rescued cats and two rescued dogs from the streets of Crete - but they are confident that after her full recovery they will find a perfect home for the sweet little girl.

P.S. Little Lili fully recovered and has proud new "parents"!

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